A driven and flexible .NET generalist who has turned a childhood hobby into his career.

Developer, architect, Certified Scrum Master and avid pingpong/squash player.

I am interested in pretty much everything IT but I'm especially excited about software design, documentation, continuous integration, usability and consistency.

Public Speaking

Sharing is caring. I’ve given talks about Html5, Git, Design Patterns and React.

Open Source Projects

Consultant invoicing
Small invoicing application aimed at consultants specifically. Create invoice pdfs from pug + css. Technologies: React/Redux, Koa, MongoDB
There is a demo! (without backend:)

Something Fishy
This blog has moved to itenium.be/blog

Pingpong Club Erembodegem
Frontend: React, Redux, Webpack, Bluebird, JWT, ImmutableJS
Backend: C# WebApi, SignalR

Sangu Package and TWTactics
C# WinForms and Greasemonkey/JavaScript extensions for Tribal Wars.